Northern Voice Keynote: teh funny


Rob Cottingham gave the second keynote presentation at Northern Voice 2009 (following a great presentation by Nora Young, who delivered a live-performance radio show that wonderfully got the conference rolling)

Here's Rob's keynote. This is one of the reasons I love Northern Voice - I haven't been to another conference that had a standup comic routine as a keynote, and have it so fully and faithfully capture the spirit and set the tone for the entire conference. Nearly every other presenter tied their session somehow back to Rob's keynote.

(you might need to view the post to see the video - I have no idea if it will survive RSSification)

The other 2 keynotes were also fantastic, and will be well worth watching once they’re available online - both Stewart Butterfield (aka FlickrBoy) and Nora Young gave excellent keynotes.

I have to go work on my blog posts for two memes he introduced.

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Last updated: March 01, 2024