Scott Leslie just published a fantastic description of how sharing really works - and how institutions/organizations/etc... miss the real value of sharing. You can't plan to share, you can't define parameters, you can't write specifications and requirements and interoperability guidelines.

All you can do is share what you do. Share what you create. Share what you care about. And, possibly, some time, someone else will benefit.

But if you plan/specify/define the parameters of sharing (what is shared? with whom? for how long? in which contexts? etc...) then the value of the thing is lost.

I agree with Scott. I've been involved in a few projects that had fantastic intentions, and lofty goals. But they got hung up on words and plans, rather than on just doing stuff and casting it to the wind. CAREO. EduSource. Pachyderm. APOLLO. ALOHA. etc...

I've lost track of the number of times someone has found a new use for something I've done. Photographs have found their ways into books, games, magazines, TV shows, etc... None of that would have happened if I'd focused on planning who would get to see the photos, and for how long, and at what resolutions, and what they'd be allowed to do with them, and what the cost should be, etc... Or, if I'd worried that nobody would even want the photos in the first place.

Sharing works because you do it. That's all there is to it.