there's a theramin in my iPod!

I just found a new Coolest iPod Application. Theramin-ator. A multitouch theramin. On my iPod. Fracking awesome. I just spent the last half an hour playing with it, and it's pretty sweet. Especially once you start getting the hang of the multi-touch controls. You drag a finger (or fingers) around on the "control pad" to simulate moving through the theramin's fields. Horizontal axis is frequency, vertical is volume. Frequency ranges from a skull-rattling 40Hz to a brain-melting 2000Hz. Volume goes to 11, natch. And you can tweak the properties of the theramin while playing - pitch range, waveform, etc... Very cool.

It's probably a good thing that it doesn't record the sounds because I'd have to start an @dnorman Theramin Music Hour Podcast, full of wacky Star Trek theme music and transporter sound effects...

ps. yeah. I get how lame I am for playing with a theramin simulator for half an hour on a friday evening, then blogging about it...

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Last updated: September 28, 2023