7 replies on “trying the latest wp-mollom”

  1. Not sure “patient” is the word… I’m frustrated with every antispam package I’ve tried – they all fail in their own ways. Akismet lets a fair bit of spam through, requiring a LOT of moderation. SK2 needed a bunch of attention to work properly. Mollom (so far) seems to work best of the three – although it appears to throw up captcha more often than I’d like…

  2. thanks, alan. Mollom triggered a captcha, but I’ve filed that as a potential bug or issue with mollom – you’re one of my most prolific commenters here, and it’s not right that you’d be subjected to a captcha.

    thanks for kicking the blog-comment-antispam tires for me.

  3. When I sometimes comment on acuia (they’re using mollom, two) I feel like a spambot 🙂
    It’s so difficult to recognize their fancy captchars that I usually need about three tries to get through – it’s not so usable…

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