Pimping the WPMU for ucalgaryblogs.ca

I've been slowly tweaking the WPMU install that drives ucalgaryblogs.ca - it's not quite ready for prime time, but it's darned close.

It's now got:

  • multiple blogs per user, and multiple users per blog
  • subdomain hosting for each blog (i.e., myblog.ucalgaryblogs.ca)
  • domain mapping - want to use your own custom domain? want myblog.com to point to the blog you've got at myblog.ucalgaryblogs.ca? there's a setting for that, and then you just have to tell me what domain you want me to tell the webserver to respond to.
  • multilingual admin interface. English. French. Spanish. Chinese. Klingon. Well, I still haven't found the Klingon.po file for WordPress, but once I do... *shakesfist*
  • over 100 themes, most of which are customizable. Want a photoblog? Got it covered. Newsletter? Done. Research project? Sure thing.
  • 500MB of upload space quota per user. This could be increased if needed.
  • Sitewide tag cloud and archives - want to find out who else is writing about mitochondrial RNA? Just hit the tag...
  • Blog directory listing all blogs in the system (currently, some test blogs, and the UC Dinos Football Blog! WOOHOO!)
  • A handy-dandy blog manager bar at the top of all pages - if you're logged in, it gives you easy access to anything you want to do. If you're not logged in, it gives you an easy place to login from, from any page on the ucalgaryblogs.ca service.
  • Lots of other great WordPress goodies, like podcast serving, editing from your iPhone or iPod Touch, great visual editor for posts (with spel chekker, too!) and collaborative blogs with multiple authors.

But, there are still a few things on my todo list before I consider it fully ready for prime time:

  • Documentation. It helps if there's some M to RTF. I'll be linking and borrowing heavily from the great stuff already out there...
  • A UCalgary theme (or themes) for sites that need to look all offishul 'n junk.
  • better antispam - I can't use Akismet because I have a budget of $0.00, and SpamKarma2 is EOL. Maybe Mollom? It doesn't play well with WPMU yet...
  • hmm... actually, that's pretty much it. once it goes live, it can be tweaked on the fly...

Once it's been live for a bit, I'll look at stuff like BuddyPress, integration with Flickr, integration with MediaWiki, and a bunch of other stuff. So far, it's been fun setting up the service. Now to start rolling this sucker out...


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Last updated: March 01, 2024