spam elevation

looks like the spammers are picking things up a bit – they’re bypassing mollom like it’s not even there, and are skirting akismet too. Fun…


Evan and Grandpa acting silly during supper for Grandpa’s 73rd birthday.

sunrise western light

Light from sunrise is reflected off and through the clouds to the west of Calgary, over the Rocky Mountains and the Bow River valley.

obama’s dnc speech as a word cloud

I took the text of Obama’s speech from the 2008 DNC and fed it through to generate a word cloud to visualize common words. It’ll be interesting to compare with McCain’s speech next week…


my very own Social Network Pause Button. No inbox. No RSS. No IM. Nothing but me, my bike, and the wind. Idea taken from Jen’s photo which was in turn a response to Merlin’s post. At first I didn’t like the overly blurred photo, but … Continue readingmotion

the postman delivers

My copy of Postman and Weingartner’s Teaching as a Subversive Activity was delivered in the mail today, thanks to the speedy shipping system. It’s got a fresh, blank Page 61 and I’m looking forward to having it filled up. I also picked up a … Continue readingthe postman delivers