WordPress and iPhone / iPod Touch

Now that I’ve updated ucalgaryblogs.ca to WordPress MultiUser 2.6, the cool new native iPhone and iPod Touch blogging app will work. Just point it to your blog(s), give it login credentials, and you’re off and running!

What’s cool is that now all of my blogs can be managed via my iPod Touch using a native application!

For example, I used dlnorman.ucalgaryblogs.ca as the blog address, and gave it my login info. It will work with multiple blogs, too – but each blog needs to be configured separately.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress and iPhone / iPod Touch”

  1. Wow, how very sweet. I\’m liking the looks of this. We may have to talk offline about the details because I don\’t have an iTouch or iPhone, but I want to test this out on UMW Blogs. And I think a friend is going to create a little iPhone app for RSS feeds from throughout the system. Should be fun, how did the upgrade go by the way? I am planning UMW Blogs for Friday, it is a 1.3.3 to 2.6 jump, so I am a little scared.

  2. I think I was on 1.3.2? I hadn’t updated to the last version. The update went absolutely trivially – just copied the files over top and ran the usual update stuff. Easy peasy.

  3. The question remains: how to do easy input on an iPhone or iPod? I just asked in your previous post, but I bet there’s massive demand out there for a full-sized keyboard that would plug in via the dock.

    I have an iPod, not iPhone, so a bluetooth keyboard is out of the question for me. But maybe someone has managed to get that combination working. that could increase my desire for an iPhone.

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