366photos halfway mark

We hit the half way mark on Sunday night. 366/2. That’s a lot of photos. It’s been amazing to see so many people take up the project, and watching them learn and grow as photographers and artists.

To commemorate the passing of the halfway mark, I whipped up a mosaic of a globe (using MacOSaiX, this photo by ToastyKen as the source – which was appropriate since he took it as part of a 2007/365 project) and then used all photos on Flickr tagged with “366photos” to generate tiles for the mosaic.

The project has been a blast, so far, and I’m definitely looking to seeing what happens in the last half of the year! Thanks to everyone for jumping in! 🙂

One thought on “366photos halfway mark”

  1. That’s just beautiful … it’d be cool to see it blown up as a poster or something similar.

    It’s bit “bright” though … seems like everyone’s taking bright happy pictures. Maybe you could recruit some more miserable participants (or some goth teenagers perhaps) so you could fill in the dark areas more completely!

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