on leadership in the edublogosphere

There's been much handwringing about the "edublogosphere" not flocking to follow self-proclaimed leaders. That people are disgusted because other people don't clamor to follow someone else's lead because they say they are leading something. I'm not going to link, or point fingers, or name names. I'm going to keep this post short, because I could very easily devolve into full-on rant mode.

Leadership is earned, not taken. You're not a leader just because you say so. People shouldn't be compelled to follow you just because you make a bunch of noise. If you are a leader, people will follow you. If you're not a leader, they won't. Get over it.

That, and one of the beautiful things about the "edublogosphere" is that there aren't any leaders. There doesn't need to be a leader. It's a community of peers, and every individual's perception of the community is different, according to their connections, needs, and contributions.

Stop worrying about leading, and just work on affecting the change you want to see.

Update: My language was unclear, and I was (rightly) called out by James Farmer in the comments. Here's the bit I responded with to clarify what I was trying to say:

"what I was trying to get at is that there is no set of "official" leaders - my leaders are different than yours, and they are different for every individual. There is no defined hierarchy that everyone agrees define "the leaders" that must be followed…"

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