I spend a lot of time "being there" in various online places. I blog, I twitter, I post photos to Flickr, etc yadda yadda. I'm getting on a plane tomorrow, and planning on "being there" in the more traditional sense. I'll be unplugging from the net as much as I can.

I'm not unplugging from my Network - many of the people in my Network are going to be there in person. I'm just deciding to not distract myself by constantly "checking in."

I'm not bringing a laptop. I'm bringing my camera, my iPod, and my Moleskine (and some clothes).

I'm going to be there. I'm not going to be liveblogging the conference. I'm not going to be posting photos. I'm going to try not to post to twitter. I'll plug back in when I get back. But, for the 3 days I'm there, I'm going to be there.