Letter to Calgary Transit re: Dangerous Bus Driver

I emailed a copy of the following to the Calgary Transit Customer Feedback email address.

I was riding my bike home from work today, and pulled up to a 3 way stop on Scurfield Drive and Scenic Acres Boulevard NW. As I was stopping, a bus pulled up behind/beside me (I was in the right lane traveling north on Scurfield Drive, the bus was in the left). I waited for my turn to enter the intersection, and the bus followed me through. I stayed in the right lane, and the bus remained in the left lane through the intersection.

After proceeding through the intersection, the bus started to pass me, and then started entering the right lane as it accelerated. It was not approaching a bus stop, and was driving half way into the right lane, coming within a foot of my handlebars. I had to swerve to the right to avoid being hit.

After the bus finished passing me, it returned to the left lane, and then swerved back into the right lane ahead of me, kicking up a cloud of dust and gravel as it did so. It then returned to the left lane and continued driving up the hill along Scurfield Drive away from me.

There were no obstacles in the left lane. There were no pedestrians or animals. There were no other cars or vehicles moving in either of the two lanes.

I can only imagine 2 scenarios.

In scenario #1, the bus driver was simply unaware that I was there. If so, that is extremely dangerous, as it came up from behind me, and followed me through a controlled intersection. If the driver was unaware that I was in front of the bus (in another lane), it suggests a dangerous level of negligent and erratic driving.

In scenario #2, the bus driver was fully aware that I was driving in front of, and beside, the bus. This would mean that the bus driver intended to enter my lane in an attempt to crowd me off the road or into a parked car. If this is the case, it suggests malicious, dangerous, and aggressive driving.

I ride my bike cautiously, observing all traffic laws. I can think of no action or behaviour that I had taken that might have provoked a driver to attempt to push me off the road, leaving their own lane to do so. The fact that it appeared as though a professional Calgary Transit driver did so is extremely disturbing.

I am extremely concerned about this kind of behaviour. This is now the second time that my life has felt threatened by Calgary Transit drivers.

Unfortunately, at the time of the incident, I was too shaken to remember the bus ID number. It was a #37, traveling north along Scurfield Drive at 5:18pm on Friday April 4.

If there is anything I can do to help ensure that this kind of incident isn't repeated, please let me know. I couldn't find anything on the Calgary Transit website about filing a formal complaint, but am interested in doing so if such a process exists.

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Last updated: November 30, 2023