5 thoughts on “Moved to CanadianWebHosting.com

  1. Hey, so it’s likely too early for you to comment on the quality of the service, but I am getting so frustrated with my existing host (the similarly named but different company http://www.canadawebhosting.com/) that I am very seriously thinking of jumping ship and joining you. But can I ask – which of the plans did you end up opting for? The “CA Value/$8.95/month” looks similar (though better) to what I have now, is that what you chose too? If not, why not? Want to make sure I end up not snookering myself again. Cheers, Scott

  2. @scott: so far, I’m absolutely LOVING it. Very good service, excellent server performance, and tons of control over what I want to do with it. I went for the Value package. The way things are running now, I can’t see having to spring for the higher tier, but knowing it’s there just in case is nice.

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