So MSFT is trying to spend $45 BILLION dollars to buy Yahoo. Rumour has it that the borg want Yahoo's search and advertising stuff, which would be a little odd - I can't remember the last time I searched using Yahoo, or saw a Yahoo-powered ad. Whatever.


But, Yahoo does own two resources that I care a great deal about. and Flickr. It's pretty safe to say that neither of those are worth $45 BILLION, so it's likely that they aren't the direct targets of the acquisition attempt.

The first reaction of a vocal group of Flickr users is "cheque please. outta here." They're saying that they'll pull up and move if Redmond is able to sign on the dotted line.

Again, whatever.

Yes, I could very easily host my own photographs (using Gallery2, or even just a simple photoblog - I've done both) but the real value of Flickr (and also of isn't in the software or the service provided. It's in the community. Taking my ball and going home would be the wrong thing to do. It's not about who owns the ball, it's about playing the game. If I dump Flickr or just because some company bought the company that bought the company that built the playing field, it just isn't a rational reaction. This isn't a religious crusade, it's a community.

Now the risk I see is that MSFT might scare all of the cool out of Flickr and That's probably the biggest risk - engineers, designers, UI folks, etc... Will they bail because the borg is coming? If they stay, will they still be able to do cool stuff, or will they have to work on Windows Live Photo Publisherâ„¢ integration or somesuch nonsense? I'd hope not. Microsoft IS able to let effective business units keep doing their cool stuff. Bungie kept pumping out the Halo, and the MacBU keeps pumping out their version of Office, which consistently kicks the crap out of the Windows versions. I'm hoping that Balmer has the sense to run the Flickr and units at an arm's length (or at least not to throw any chairs at them) so they can keep going.

My data is all safe - my photos all live happily in Aperture, and I don't use Flickr as a repository - it's strictly a sharing service and community for me. What concerns me most is all of the images I've got in the 134 posts on my blog that use Flickr for hosting - any switch will cause a LOT of grief in updating all of those.

I'm willing to wait and see. Microsoft would have to do something pretty stupid to make it worth leaving Flickr or