I just tried to navigate around in my Time Machine backup, only to find that it was woefully out of date. I'd set it to automatically back everything up, and had assumed that it would, you know, automatically back things up.

It hadn't been doing it.

Since December 5, 2007.

Over a month ago.

The Backup that Time Forgot

And I'd assumed that I had a reliable hourly/daily/weekly/monthly backup.

Except the last month got dropped.

Frack. If you have a backup solution, check it. If you don't have one, get one. And check it regularly. I've turned Time Machine back on, and will let it chew overnight to make sure I get a decent backup. And now I've got to figure out how in hell the Time Machine switch got thrown to "OFF" in the first place. I sure as frack didn't do that. Time Machine has been the biggest feature of Leopard for me (or so I thought...)

Update: Just to be clear - I'm not saying there's something wrong with Time Machine, or that there's some nasty bug that borked things. All I'm saying is "periodically verify that your backup system is functioning as you expect it" - nothing more, nothing less...