I just completed my “2007/365” project, where I took at least one photograph per day for the entire year. I didn’t realize going in just how hard it would be, but it forced me to see things differently and I did learn to be a bit more proficient with the technical aspects of photography.

[qt:http://www.darcynorman.net/video/2007-365/2007-365.mov http://www.darcynorman.net/video/2007-365/2007-365-poster.jpg 640 496]

Other versions available here.

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  1. Cool work, D’Arcy. You’ve inspired me to make this one of my goals for the upcoming year – 2008/365. It’s a leap year so I can take one day off.

  2. What a great thing to post on the last day of the year. It was funny to me how reflective of my own year looking at *your* photos helped
    me be. Thanks. And now I know where the various twitter icons kept coming from. See you in 2008.

  3. thanks all. it’s surprising how much the photos help me remember what happened on each day. my memory is normally absolutely terrible, but I can look at every one of these shots and remember key events, what was happening when I took the shot, why I took it, what it means, etc…

    i’m glad you enjoyed the show. 2008 should be fun 🙂

  4. Hey, D’arcy …

    Great stuff on your site which I linked to from a Telus ADSL forum. It looks like we share similar interests in many areas – photography, cycling, music etc. I’ve got a couple of “how did you do that” things for you, though.

    The 2007/365 video. Extremely well done with an awesome soundtrack. Was this done using iMovie or Final Cut Pro? And why one and not the other?

    In a couple of random photos on your your websites there’s a shot of a whole bunch of images that appear to be slightly larger than thumbnails gathered together in one large photograph. (It looks like this photo may be on your office wall). Again,what software did you use to arrange all these photos in and how did you print them?

    Thanks again, and all the best …


  5. Hey D’arcy just was checkin in and caught this. Awesome, Fantastic, Good Eye, Good Ear and most importantly Good Man! Congratulations!! The evolution of D’arcy Norman continues!! I can’t wait to see next years model!!


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