I just completed my “2007/365” project, where I took at least one photograph per day for the entire year. I didn’t realize going in just how hard it would be, but it forced me to see things differently and I did learn to be a bit more proficient with the technical aspects of photography. [qt:http://www.darcynorman.net/video/2007-365/2007-365.mov […]

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2007 in Photographs

Taking a cue from Dean Shareski, I’ve put together some of my favorite photographs taken in 2007. I maintain a “Photos I Like Most” set on my Flickr account, where I keep 100 photographs that I personally like. As I add a new one, I have to drop an older one. So, I just selected […]

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I ♥ Aperture, episode #423

This post is another in what feels like an endless series of love letters to Aperture. I’ve been using Aperture exclusively for a year now. At first, I was in way over my head. A complete amateur, lost in a professional tool. Now, I’m a complete amateur, able to salvage photographs pretty effectively in a […]

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Yahoo! Shortcuts!?

Jim posted about Yahoo! Shortcuts, and while the WordPress plugin sounds cool (it claims to scan a blog post and automagically find links to blog posts, flickr photos, and other sources of info), I’m not sure how well it’ll translate into real life. It looks like it scans the blog entry as you’re writing it, […]

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on creative commons licensing

Long ago, I made a decision to publish everything that I do under a simple Creative Commons Attribution license (CC:By). With all of the licenses available, and all of the clauses listed as part of Creative Commons, why did I choose not to invoke them? I don’t publish things online for fame, nor fortune. I […]

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