3000km in 2007

I did it. I managed to ride my bike 3000km (so far) in 2007. Last year, I rode about 1500km. I estimated I might ride 2000-2500km this year. But this morning, after dropping Evan off at school, I pulled the bike out and rode along the Bow River Pathway. I've now ridden over 3000km this year, and hope to do even more in 2008.


The year's riding started while on Maui, when I rode about 60 miles down Haleakala - starting at over 10,000' and descending to near sea level. As I rode through the year, it's like a switch got thrown - I wasn't making myself ride my bike to work, it was just how I got around. I didn't have to give it much thought. And, because I was riding on my commute, I was making far more time for exercise than I could have otherwise (with a family at home that needs attention as well) - but because I have to spend time getting to and from work, it was really simple to just convert that into some great exercise. I wound up losing almost 20 pounds of flab without really trying, and without paying any attention to what I was eating.

The season's almost over for the year (never thought I'd be thinking the season wasn't officially over at the end of November!) and I know I'm going to miss it during the deep winter months. I'll try to ride earlier in the season - maybe starting in March 2008? All I need is a pair of waterproof riding pants, and I'm good to ride through the spring rainy season...

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