A Day at the Glenbow

glenbow - 19Evan and I spent the day at the Glenbow Museum, checking out the exhibits and hanging out in the discovery/crafts centres. We were at the museum for a record 5 hours - not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

We started at the top (4th floor) and worked our way down. I hadn't seen the physical Mavericks exhibit, although I did construct the website for it. It was pretty darned cool to see the exhibits in the flesh. The Glenbow did a helluva job putting the Mavericks floor together.

It was pretty cool to see the old Telstar Drugs sign still working. It was removed last year when the landmark building was yanked down and replaced with a big-box drug store. Yay, progress.

glenbow - 12

And, in yet another case of "why I fracking love my 50mm f/1.8 lens" - every single shot I got inside the museum would have been destroyed by the use of flash. On a related note, the Glenbow staff are really good about photography. In most exhibits, taking pictures is cool. The only "no photographs" signs I saw were in the Emily Carr exhibit, which I am sure are tied to the terms of the exhibit loan and copyright, and not the museum.

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