1. I did an “Archive and Install” on my machines and I lost some settings, I tried to roll back and work from 10.4, but now apps there are not working properly. Chris, if you are going to drop it onto a production machine, take your time and make sure you have all your installers (Macromedia/Adobe Apps seemed not like the A&I).

    D’Arcy, did you do the straight upgrade?

  2. I just did the straight default upgrade. Previously, I always did the “archive and install” but honestly didn’t want to go through with reinstalling some of the stuff again. Thought I’d give it a shot.

    The default install/upgrade path is the most tested path, and should be the least painful. It’s the default for a reason. 90% or more of Mac users are going to be using it, so it has to Just Work™.

    With that said, I’m batting 1000 (well, 2 for 2 anyway). Default upgrades, with no issues.

  3. It seems that (unlike in upgrades past), that this A and I is much pickier – After reinstalling my BB Manager and my Mouse Control Center, I’ve got both back. Macromedia Fireworks is the only app that continues to stick.

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