K12 Online - More than cool tools

I had the chance to work on a presentation for the K12 Online 2007 conference. Alan, Brian and I started by thinking of doing an updated "Small Pieces" piece, and we wound up creating a 53 minute video presentation touching on 9 trends in successful online tools, and how they might be used effectively.

The trends are, in no real order:

  1. embed
  2. connect
  3. socialize
  4. collaborate
  5. share
  6. remix
  7. filter
  8. liberate
  9. disrupt

Here's the presentation, hosted in chunky Google Video transcoded format. There are links to higher (and lower) res versions on the K12 conference page for the presentation.

There's a live "fireside chat" Elluminate session scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 20 at 1pm GMT (which is 7am here in Calgary - so much for my day to sleep in...)

I'm thinking of writing up a blog post describing the process we used, which worked out surprisingly well (except for my inability to properly normalize all of the audio - sorry!). Final Cut Pro was used to pull together audio, images, and video from 3 presenters, and spit out the final product. I learned a LOT about using FCP during the process, and think I could do it much quicker (and better) next time around...

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