Problems with my RSS feed?

I got an email saying there was something wrong with my feed, as it's apparently borking in Sage. I can't seem to reproduce the error here (Sage is borking in general for me, and the feed validates and renders in the aggregators I've tested).

Anyone else having problems? Something I should be worried about? Maybe just something intermittent? Something related to Feedburner?

Also, this is posted using the new ecto 3 alpha - I haven't used a standalone blogging app in years, but if this works, it's about as close to the perfect app as I can figure. Even offers searching and sorting of Categories, and resizing/uploading of images...

Update: Cool. It worked. I'll be buying a license for ecto 3. Haven't used it since back in the Kung Fu days (wasn't the original version of the app called KungLog or something?)

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