Thinking of entering the National Geographic Photography Contest

I’m more than a little crazy for even thinking of doing this, but what the heck. I’m going to try submitting a photo to the inaugural contest. The rules are pretty strict with respect to model releases and any potentially copyrightable works included in photographs (models must provide signed releases, artists must provide copyright release […]

What famous photographer are you?

I just stumbled across this on Kris Krug’s blog. Not sure how many Famous Photographers are in the pool of options, but it pegged me as His Adamsness… Which famous photographer are you? Ansel Adams: Known for large scale silver gelatin landscapes especially of Yosemite National Park “Sometimes I do get to places just when […]

American Inventor Stupidity

OK. I admit it. I’m watching American Inventor. And I just can’t stop wanting to scream at the TV “The solution to burning christmas trees isn’t a fancy invention for fire suppression. STOP PUTTING FIRE HAZARDS IN YOUR HOUSE.” There. That’s my invention. Leave the trees outside. Fires suppressed. I haven’t had a real christmas […]

Comments on ETS Talk #28: The Digital Commons

I listened to the podcast while riding home this afternoon, so I couldn’t respond in real-time. Here’s hoping my memory isn’t completely jumbled, because there were several things I wanted to respond to. I couldn’t find an entry for episode 28 on the ETS Talk site, so here goes… iPhone – I agree that the […]

Inuktitut syallabics in blogs?

I just got an email from a colleague at UCalgary, posing a really interesting question. She is doing some blogging and writing with some residents of Nunavut, and needs a way to represent the Inuktitut language online. There is a reference to Inuktitut syallabics in Unicode, but I couldn’t find any implementation details so I’m […]