Switched back to WordPress

I've been using Drupal for my blog for just over a year now, and it's been a really great platform to work in. I use it pretty much all day for projects at the U of C as well. But it just feels a bit lacking in the area of managing a personal blog, compared with WordPress which is built solely for that purpose.

I've been missing things like email subscriptions to comments, and some of the other niceties that WordPress has had nailed for a long time, but are missing in Drupal.

So, if you can read this, it worked. But things are going to be messy for awhile while I finish tweaking stuff. If anyone knows the quick easy SQL to run to recount all comments for posts, to properly set the value of wp_posts.comment_count I'd appreciate it. All comments are properly in place, but they don't show up in the comment count indicator until/unless someone posts a new comment on the blog entry.

In the meantime, all static pages (including About, Contact, Links, etc...) are borked. I'll fix them up as I have time.

Update: Lovely. Looks like new comments are being rejected here. wtf. worked fine in staging before moving here... A blog without comments. Good thing I left Drupal...

Update 2: Things are pretty much up and running. I've added a bunch of modules, and will start playing when I have/make time. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. I miss some of the power of Drupal, but am liking the simplicity of WordPress.

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