We got back into Calgary early this morning (possibly the last flight to land at YYC for the night). Maui is great. A little more developed than I'd have liked (CostCo™ and Wal-Mart™ don't fit into my ideal mental image of relaxing tropical islands) but we had a blast nonetheless. Photos are now on Flickr, and I will try to do a braindump about the trip so I don't forget the details.

Now that I'm getting my head back into the mainland side of things, instead of being a haole-wannabe-local with my head in the waves, I'm realizing how successfully I was able to ignore things back home. I did have the laptop, but internet connectivity was crappy enough to make it useful only for checking email for emergencies (of which there was only one, thankfully).

Next up is the Web 2.0 Online Learning Festival. I have been graciously allowed to put my name on the billing, which means that since I was away for the last 11 days, I'm really just riding on some coat-tails. Brian, Jim, Gardner and (at least nominally) myself will be hosting a session at the NMC Online Conference on the Convergence of Web Culture and Video - tomorrow (March 21). Nominations are open, so if there's some awesome web-2.0-ish video that should be featured, add it to The List, and it might make it into The Envelope.