It sounds like the dreaded Moose Fever has afflicted nearly everyone who attended Northern Voice 2007. Some nasty flu bug got circulated through the cavernous halls of the Forestry building at UBC, infecting everyone there, then being carried across the continent as the attendees returned home. I had my flu shot before Christmas, so I wasn't completely laid out (as many folks apparently were), but it still sucks pretty badly.

I'm feeling MUCH better than I was on Monday and Tuesday. I may even risk heading into the office on Thursday, since I've got a fair number of deadlines that got summarily blown away this week. Thank the gods for Tylenol Cold & Flu liquid medicine. 

Maybe next year, instead of T-Shirts, we should have SARS masks or something. And forego the field trip to the live bird market, so we don't all catch H5N1 (or whatever the hell this bug is) again. 

Infected Moose:

I'm sure there are many, many more.