Workshop Ideas for 2007

In a recent project meeting, we were tossing around ideas for workshops to conduct in 2007, and I've taken on a series of topics that could be loosely described as "new tools and strategies". Here's the current short list of workshops I'm planning to develop (and later conduct) through the TLC. Any glaring omissions?

  • Creative Commons (copyright and IP in general, and how they affect sharing and reusing available work)
  • Flickr. As a source of Creative Commons images for use, and as a potential tool for teaching and learning.
  • Google Earth. Basic overview, as well as an intro to some of the cool add-ons (geology, politics, etc...)
  • eXe - eLearning XML editor (for ePortfolios or personal websites)
  • (setting up a blog for free in seconds)
  • (participating in the blog community on campus)
  • Drupal for websites and communities
  • Moodle (? this might be counterproductive, given Bb's role on our campus...)
  • Social bookmarking ( for distributed tagging of resources)
  • Google Docs

I've left off a couple of items on purpose because I want to be doing things that aren't already running in full hype mode (podcasting and secondlife are fine on their own). I'm hoping to be showing stuff that might be flying under the radar (at least to most faculty on campus - many of the items on my list are completely taken for granted by tech types)

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