Front Row + Aperture?

I got a MacBook Pro this week, and am absolutely loving the thing. The little remote that controls Front Row (and other apps) is so elegant, and I miss it sometimes on my G5. At home, I set up the MBP on top of the fireplace so it’s visible everywhere, and fire up iTunes or Movies. Very handy and cool.

But, the Photo display is tied to iPhoto. I just moved up to Aperture. So, for now, I’ve got my end-of-life iPhoto library sitting next to my shiny new Aperture library. Wasting 18GB of disk space just so I can look at photos from Front Row.

Apple – here’s my wish: make Front Row work with Aperture. Bonus points for extending this to the AppleTV so I can display my photos on my TV…

iPhoto + Front Row (by D'Arcy Norman)

There’s simply no way I’m going to go back to iPhoto. Aperture freaking rocks. Every time I use it, I learn more about the app and its photo workflow ninja mojo.

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  1. Great! One more reason to pick up an AppleTV! I wonder if they’ll roll Aperture support into Front Row, too? (so I could use my MacBook Pro to show photos)

  2. Hey guys, I am also trying to solve the same problem.
    Also, now that I installed Aperture none of the two libraries (aperture or iphoto) is shown in front row. ie, Front row now claims that iphoto does not have any library associated with it (which is false).
    Did this happen to you?

  3. Just dropping by after googling for Aperture and Front Row. I’m going to hook up a Mac Mini with my LCD and would like to share the Aperture library from my iMac with the Mini. It seems that an AppleTV could do this. Hmmm..

  4. Not sure if this is of any use but you can add your Aperture previews to your iPhote library. Go to archive -> Show Aperture library and then drag an album to iPhoto. It will load the previews (created by Aperture) in iPhoto which you can then view in Frontrow.

  5. Hey guys i found a way of viewing apperture in front row.
    Just go to front row and then to the settings menu. then on the last option it says what source would you prefer for your photos. Choose appeerture and you are done. Hope you this is useful.
    By the way if you change the source to apperture, you can still watch your iphoto photos in Front Row

  6. I can’t see that, only name (computer name), SW version, screen saver and sound effects….
    my version of front row is up to date as far as I can see…

    any other thoughts?

  7. i can confirm that you are able to change the photo source in Front Row if you go into the settings panel. In my version of Front Row (2.1.6) I have:
    Computer Name
    Sw Version
    Screen Saver
    Sound Effects and
    Photo Source which for me can either be Aperture of iPhoto

    Hope that clears things up a bit :)

  8. hi

    i was searching the option to change the photo source but couldn’t find it. Is it possible that this option isn’t available under OS X 10.4.11.

    Thanks for help!

  9. i lost or misplaced my iphoto library with hundreds of pictures. i realized that they live on the apple tv so i was wondering if anyone knew how to import them back to the imac? is there any software that can help? any info would be amazing. jill f

  10. Hey there, I’m trying aperture now, I really wanna buy it but i’ve use a lot front row in my work I can’t have the slideshow in front row ! somebody can tell me how to do ? Thanks a lot !

  11. Patrick – it seems as though the Aperture info isn’t kept up to date when sharing with other apps. I add photos or entore projects to Aperture and they don’t show up in Desktop/Screensavers. Maybe in Leopard?

    Alec – maybe a petition? :-) I guess on the plus side, this isn’t exactly mission critical functionality. Nobody’s starving because of it or anthing, but I DO want my Aperture photos to be first class citizens…

    Kisruh – I hear that. And hopefully the solution isn’t an Automator workflow to keep importing photos from Aperture to iPhoto for use in Front Row and AppleTV…

  12. aha! my problem with new images not showing up was caused by not generating previews. I’d assumed .jpg originals wouldn’t need previews…

    still no love in Front Row, but at least now the photos show up in Desktop/Screensaver. It’s a bit noisy, since every single roll from iPhoto was imported as a separate Project in Aperture, so the lists are awfully long…

  13. I found myself searching for “Aperture + FrontRow” in Google every week hoping that someone may have figured out how to link Aperture library to FrontRow. I can only groan …

    The newly launched Apple TV make me drool but if it can’t display photos from my Aperture library, I’ll wait .. and wait …and wait .. and wait …

  14. I found this recently and was disappointed, since the other iLife apps have access to the Aperture library, surely they could do it for FR as well.

  15. I switched to Aperture on my MacBook Pro about a month ago, and I’m feeling the same pain. I’m never going back either … and as you say, I learn a bit more about the program every day.

    Cmon Apple, hear our cries.

  16. I’m with you on this one. I don’t use iPhoto and took it off my old Mac early on to stop it opening up all the time. Now I have a MacBook Pro, I want my Aperture library available to Front Row. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask!

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