Front Row + Aperture?

I got a MacBook Pro this week, and am absolutely loving the thing. The little remote that controls Front Row (and other apps) is so elegant, and I miss it sometimes on my G5. At home, I set up the MBP on top of the fireplace so it's visible everywhere, and fire up iTunes or Movies. Very handy and cool.

But, the Photo display is tied to iPhoto. I just moved up to Aperture. So, for now, I've got my end-of-life iPhoto library sitting next to my shiny new Aperture library. Wasting 18GB of disk space just so I can look at photos from Front Row.

Apple - here's my wish: make Front Row work with Aperture. Bonus points for extending this to the AppleTV so I can display my photos on my TV...

iPhoto + Front Row (by D'Arcy Norman)

There's simply no way I'm going to go back to iPhoto. Aperture freaking rocks. Every time I use it, I learn more about the app and its photo workflow ninja mojo.

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Last updated: February 20, 2024