Mantis Spam Accounts?

We've been running a copy of Mantis here in the Teaching & Learning Centre to track bugs and issues in our projects for a couple of years now. And over the last few months, there have been a couple of accounts created per day in an attempt to proliferate spam. They create an account, with […]


Until last week, I hadn't heard of Twitter. Then Cole blogged about it, and the ETSTalk Podcast folks talked about it. They're looking at Twitter as a tool to facilitate shared awareness of organizational activities. Twitter is essentially nanoblogging (I just made that word up) – stuff that is more of a quick "I'm doing […]

Workshop Ideas for 2007

In a recent project meeting, we were tossing around ideas for workshops to conduct in 2007, and I've taken on a series of topics that could be loosely described as "new tools and strategies". Here's the current short list of workshops I'm planning to develop (and later conduct) through the TLC. Any glaring omissions? Creative […]

Google Earth Geology Screencast

I promised to do a quick screencast showing what we demoed to one of our Geology profs for using Google Earth to help teach geology (specifically, plate tectonics). Here's a really quick runthrough, using some of the awesome Google Earth add-on layers provided by the San Diego State University College of Sciences. I should warn, […]