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5 Things Tag

Dang. I got tagged with the Five Things Meme a couple days ago, but procrastinated on responding. Then, I just got tagged again. Better play before the tags build up…

So, five little-known things about me. Without feeding identity thieves, hopefully…

  1. I’m not a programmer. I suck as a programmer. I’m a total hack. I know just enough to let me get into trouble, but I’m too stubborn to give up until something kinda sorta almost works. potaytoe, potahtoe…
  2. I’m a huge introvert. Is that an oxymoron? I get uncomfortable in crowds. I hate talking on the phone. And yet, I can get in front of a group and give presentations and participate in discussions etc… For some reason, I seem to be much more coherent in group settings (including writing on my blog) than I am normally. wtf?
  3. First job – “fabric folder” at Angel Distributing, the company that provided fabric to all of the Fanny’s fabric stores. Got to work with the reams of fabric, splitting and rolling into the little bundles that get trucked to the stores for scrapbookers and crafty folks to make all kinds of crappy stuff. Got to see all kinds of nice foreign bugs that hitchhiked into Canada along with the fabric…
  4. I still haven’t finished my MSc. Actually, it’s been so long that all of my coursework has expired. I’ll get to start from scratch once someone convinces me it’s worth doing. It’s not very high on my list at the moment.
  5. Met my wife while we were both working at Heritage Park 16 years ago as a summer job. She’s still putting up with me… Who says workplace relationships are a bad idea? We worked together for 3 years.

I guess I should tag a few more folks. If I had to do this, I’m bringing y’all down with me! Alan, Brian, Cole, Paul and Josh.


What do you mean it’s over? It’s Boxing Day, man! Although, I guess that’s only celebrated here in the Commonwealth…

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