Flickr: Public Artwork Hacks

The Conversation - improvedWhile browsing the Flickr photos from Calgary, I came across this one by Sherlock77. It prompted a brief discussion, wondering if there was a group for people to put photos of public artwork that had been hacked (or dressed, or modified, or adorned) - legally and non-destructively. I did some searching, but didn't find anything. So, I created a public group: Public Artwork Hacks.

If you have (or plan to take) photos of public artwork that has been "improved" - here's the place to share it. Put a Santa hat on The Thinker. Sunglasses on David. Photos that include modifications - without the use of Photoshop to add things - are welcome!

The group is currently rather empty, but it should be cool to see what (if anything) happens. 'Tis the season for hacking public artwork...

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