Sami beat me to the punch, but it's worth publicly repeating. Garth Turner, MP for the Halton Constituency in Milton, Ontario, was booted out of the Conservative Party yesterday. For blogging. An elected member of parliament was Dooced.

Here's the comment I posted on Sami's blog, but I want to repeat it here as well (in case someone like the MP for my riding happens to see it):

It's strange. This is our Government, and they boot someone out for documenting meetings and voicing honest opinions. Isn't that what we do every day? Isn't that what we should expect, even demand, from our representatives? The MPs represent US, not Harper. They have (IMO) an obligation to be honest (and open, and public) participants, not party mouthpieces.

Turner was booted out because he was openly communicating with his constituents, even when he disagreed with the Prime Minister (who happens to be the leader of the party to which Turner was a member).

We need more people like Garth Turner, who put the people ahead of power. Who believe it's more important to be open and honest than to tow the party line. Politicians aren't on The Hill for their own purposes. Nor are they there to serve their Party. They are there to represent us, the citizens of this kick-ass country. One way to do that effectively is to communicate. Blog the hell out of meetings. Politics is a conversation, and all of that Cluetrain stuff.

Now, if he'd have been blogging in-camera sessions, that might be a different thing. If he'd posted Top Secret Plans For Canada's Troops in Afghanistan or something, I could see sanctions. But from what I've seen, he's simply been posting his thoughts and critiques of his own government's actions and policies. Which is his right to do, but apparently not as a member of the Conservative Party.