Ideas for improving TextMate

I've been using TextMate for about a week now, and while it's almost universally an incredible piece of magical software, I have been keeping a list of things that could use tweaking (you know, to make it even magicaller).

  • Arrange Windows. BBEdit's got a great way to tile open windows. It's very handy to compare multiple open documents. Would be very handy in TextMate. Something like "tile all open windows in evenly spaced columns" or "tile them all in equal-sized windows arranged nicely across that 20 inch cinema display"
  • Split window view. Terminal has it. XCode has it. BBEdit has it. Makes it really easy to work on 2 different parts of the same document.
  • Reindent code. Like Tidy does for HTML. But for other code. JEdit has a pretty good one. XCode's got a really good one. It makes it very easy to keep source code looking clean and tidy. Bonus points for optionally adding documentation stubs for languages that use that sort of thing (javadoc tags, etc...) It looks like I could mess around with the Bundle Editor for various languages, but having this as stock behaviour would be a better way to share with the rest of the class.
  • HTML and CSS reformatting - flat, compact, hierarchical. It's surprising how handy that is. Sometimes having the Official Tidy Cleanup Version isn't what you need.
  • Tear-off bundle palettes. The "Select Bundle Item" menu/palette is close, but not task-specific. It's not as handy having to constantly search for a function. I'd like to just tear off the HTML, or CSS, or maybe both.
  • Search all open files - if I've got a bunch of files open, from various locations (and perhaps on different servers) - they won't be in the same Project, so I can't use Find in Project.
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