I'm pretty hooked on the new games for the iPod. I've already bought 4 of them, and am trying to hold back from buying the rest. (I know - I should have bought the bundle, but I didn't think I'd want them all...)

They're really great implementations, most are likely better than their desktop counterparts due to being better suited to a circular controller. I'm addicted to Zuma. Like a junkie.

But... The games seem to suck the soul out of the battery even faster than playing a video does. I played a game on the bus ride home tonight (it was raining, and I wussed out and left the bike at home) and it killed about half of the battery. That makes about an hour of gameplay on a fully charged battery? That can't be right.

I'm hoping it's just a battery life calibration issue, rather than an actual drain. I can always pack an extra long extension cord so I can get my fix of Zuma...