Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Webisodes – for US fans only

Ronald Moore and his crew have been consistently doing amazing, high quality work. They’ve “gotten it” in a whole bunch of ways, from podcasting show commentaries as episodes air, to blogging, to video blogging behind-the-scenes stuff. I’m so totally, perhaps unhealthily, hooked on this show.

But they totally dropped the ball on the Season 3 webisodes. There are 10 mini-episodes leading up to the season 3 premier, viewable on the website.

But, only if you have an IP address located in the USA.

Fans in Canada should be able to go to to view the webisodes, but apparently wants the scoop. Meaning everyone outside the States is shut out.

Someone posted a copy of the first webisode to YouTube – an obvious copyright infringement – and that was promptly pulled down at the request of NBC.

I’m looking forward to BSG season 3 – more than I’ve ever anticipated any show. More than Lost. But, because I live North Of The Border, I can’t view the free, ad-sponsored webisodes. I don’t understand that.

Ron, please kick the studio’s ass for us non-US fans. They’re being really stupid about this.

23 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Webisodes – for US fans only

  1. I’ve noticed that iTunes doesn’t have the first episode of Season 3 up for download yet. Any idea what the delay is? They usually post new episodes the day after they air.


  2. Yeah I’m waiting for it on itunes as well… my wife and I are surpisingly into it after seeing the first two seasons… this is an unusually long delay for getting it to itunes for sure.

  3. Yeah, I am anxiously awaiting season 3 on iTunes, but no word from anyone on it, and out topic on the discussion page was deleted without notice… and it was unanswered. How can I watch it without having cable TV!?!? Legally…

  4. When is Season 3 going to be able in iTunes? SciFi is way to quiet on this. Something is up and they are not telling us.

  5. Help! We missed the 3rd episode of season 3 and Itunes won’t let me download it because I live in Canada. WTH? Any suggestions on where else to get it? As a mother of three young children my devotion to this show makes me feel slightly ridiculous, but I truly am addicted to it and I really want to see the episode we missed.

  6. Bad news the website is down!
    Quote from the website

    “TVLINKS has been forced to switch data center’s from MPAA threats. Now we need your help. Please consider donating. Apparently it is now illegal to link to a website that displays illegal content. But what about the sites that are actually housing the video uploads? Oh wait, they’re owned by Google, and sites like YouTube have already paid off the MPAA to turn their head.”

    So please donate some money to get this excellent tv resource back on line. And I can watch more epsiodes of Battlestar Galactica and my other favorite tv shows!!!!!

  7. Hi to all my American/Canadian Friends across the pond,have a thought for us Brits, still no news when we will get to see season 3,let alone buy it to add to my colletion LOL.

  8. Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh FRAC me I cant watch the episodes either, Cmon….. We are BSG fans too..

    We can’t even get Season 2.5 on DVD….urrghh Those network toasters ….

  9. Hi Fellow Fans I live in the uk.. i've just watched se3 episodes 16 and 17 (17 is the nuts – i wont spoil it though – i'm going crazy for episode 18 'cause it a real cliff hanger). I have 2 tricks for getting these episodes.. my gifts to you….. One is my iTunes account – I changed the address to my employers NY office (which is just a mail redirect service) :). iTune now sells me US only downloads!!!! I'm guessing that if you dont have an address you can use, you can make one up although i didn;t need to – it was easier to copy and paste from our website:). Great if you have an AV cable. The other is a cool little bit of software I use for work called Anonymize which connects your computer to their network through another computer – which can be set to be a US machine… so they think you are in the US (proxy server for those who are savy) – hey presto, you're now a valid US viewer. Cool tip if you spend time on a train as I do and just want to watch on the laptop. …and then, as a LAST RESORT there is bit torrent which i dont use, because in the past i have spend days downloading only to find that I have grabbed a really bad copy, or it's corrupt, or misslabled… plus it's naughty-naughty. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.. and i gotta say -episode 17 is the best one this half of the series.

  10. U think u us & uk viewers got it bad i’m an aussie and it’s aird at 12 at night and not on a regular basis we only just finished season 2

  11. Any idea why I can’t download episodes (any of them) off iTunes? Keeps telling me the products are not available. It’s really starting to torque me. Thanks….

  12. This may be illegal, but one way around it would be for someone to upload it to a filesharing site like and publish the url so the rest of us can download it. I’m not suggesting it, but that would work!

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