I'm trying out Zooomr - it's a photo sharing site similar to Flickr, but with some cool new features like Lightboxes and Inspectors. It's lacking all of the communities and contacts that keep me coming back to Flickr several times per day, but they're doing some cool things at Zooomr.

Not only does Zooomr drop the "e" in "er", they also throw in an extra "o" or two. These silly Web 2.0 names are getting to be a pain, but what are they going to do, with all "normal" domain names taken long ago?

The Zoooooomr interface feels clunky and awkward compared to Flickr's simplicity. I'm sure part of that is familiarity, but things seem to be hidden/buried unnecessarily.

The geotagging feature is pretty cool. I might actually use that. I had to google to find out that I had to click "Lightmap" on the page. Intuitive. How about renaming that link "Geotag your images" or something. Also, I expected a utility on the photo details page to add location, not a generic map view where I can add images to locations. Seems kinda backwards, and could be kinda funky in a workflow with several images.

Here's my first upload to Zoomr:

Kananaskis Lake FishingKananaskis Lake FishingHosted on Zooomr