Flock website now powered by Drupal

In another episode of my new All-Drupal-All-The-Time mandate... After downloading the latest build of Flock (Beta 1), I went to the Flock website to create an account to provide some feedback and suggestions.

And I realized that it looks like the whole Flock website is now powered by Drupal. It's not blatantly obvious - they're not using a stock theme, or anything like that, but you can see the DNA in some of the URLs, and in the CSS linked on many of the pages.

If anyone asks me for an example of a great, dynamic, community-oriented website that still delivers on the more conventional aspects of a corporate/organizational site, I'll point them to Flock.

Now, it'd be really cool if they wrote up an article describing how they set up their website in Drupal. Modules? How many custom themes? How did they implement the various sections? I'd bet that Will Pate had a hand in this - maybe he'll write it up as part of his role as Community Ambassador?

Update: Yeah. Will played a part - by working on the Drupal architecture of the site, and recruiting Bryan Veloso

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