Drupal Module Sets for Various Website Profiles

I've been helping to assemble some lists of modules that would be enabled by default for three "typical" website profiles that we've come up with at the TLC.

"Simple site" - a regular "static" department-ish website that is really just using Drupal as an easy way to share editing duties without requiring a geek.

"Community site" - akin to weblogs.ucalgary.ca - which may (or may not) be a superset of "simple site"

"TLC projects" - a project site supported by the Teaching & Learning Centre. May be a "simple site" or may be more complex than that. Might involve some unpretty hackery to provide things like "private" content, etc... This profile will require a bit more babysitting/handholding/documenting, and may not be for the faint of heart. That being said, we're basically using this profile for the next version of the TLC department website ... (coming this summer(?) to a browser near you)

The list of default modules for each profile is online , generated by the most excellent OmniOutliner Pro 3. Each site profile is just a starting point, and may be customized from there (which is why some modules are listed, but not enabled by default for any profile). 

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Last updated: September 28, 2023