My folks handed down their collection of cameras that has grown on one of the shelves in their house. The collection included some really amazing (to me) cameras, which are completely removed from the digital compose-in-viewfinder-automatic-everything cameras that everyone has now.

The Camera Collection

The budding collection includes:

  • Kodak Vigilant Six - 16, with Verichrome Film
  • Zeiss Ikon Ikonta Kompur Rapid, with GE Lightmeter, both in leather cases
  • Toyoca mini camera, with original packaging, documentation, and leather case
  • Canon Canonet QL17 G-III QL, with flash and leather case
  • Six-20 Brownie
  • Braun Paxette Super II SL, with leather case
  • Sunpak GT3 Flash, in original packaging
  • Olympus Trip 35, in original packaging, with leather carrying pouch case

I have to do some Googling to find out more about these cameras. I absolutely love several of them - the Vigilant, Zeiss Ikon and Brownie are amazing. Actually, they're all amazing. The Canonet has a rangefinder built in. The Braun is incredibly detailed. They are all built like tanks.

I'll be checking out antique shops, garage sales, rummage sales, etc... to try to grow the collection. Now, to find a safe place to display it, without Evan "playing" with them...