Pimping my Drupal

I've taken a bit of time to start unpacking things after moving blog apps from WordPress to Drupal. It's starting to feel more like home - it'll take me some more time to really feel comfortable here, though.

Thinks I've added to make things more like my old WordPress config:

  • Spam.module - I thought it was orphaned at Drupal 4.6, but it's still alive and well. I'd used this on weblogs.ucalgary.ca with great success (not quite as good as Spam Karma 2, but good enough to let me sleep at night)
  • TinyMCE - basically the same WYSYWYG editor used by WordPress, but it's customizable, and seems to be more stable.
  • Atom.module - adds an atom version of the syndication feed, if anyone swings that way
  • Audio.module - podcasting support. Not quite as cool as PodPress, but still pretty swanky.
  • Commentrss.module - exposes RSS feeds for comments (all, by tag, or by post)
  • Graphstat.module - for me. a stats tracker thingy that makes shiny graphs 'n stuff.
  • Hall of Fame (hof.module) - mostly for me - another stats tracker thingy, similar to Popularity Contest for WordPress.
  • indexpage.module - generates tables of contents for various content types
  • Notify.module - sends email to notify of new content - not what I was hoping for, since it doesn't support multiple distinct anonymous users.
  • Pathauto.module - generates the schwanky urls for new posts automatically, rather than the stupid, stupid node/24234 style urls
  • recent_blocks.module - generates the "Recent Posts" block in the sidebar, combined with the number of comments, etc...
  • search404.module - intercepts borked URLs and tries to convert them into queries to try to do something useful rather than just barfing out a 404
  • syndication.module - supposed to expose all RSS feeds in one handy dandy location, but doesn't appear to do that.
  • tagadelic.module - creates those Super Kool Tag Clouds all the cool kids are using. I'll add it to the Archives page eventually. It can also add a block in the sidebar.
  • views.module - generates custom pages listing stuff. Basically a handy database query manager and result displayer. Handy.
  • workspace.module - I guess just for me - to track all content posted by a user, in one handy location.

Things I'm still searching for solutions to:

  • Flickr photo album integration, ala FAlbum for WordPress
  • Flickr image posting within node authoring form, ala WordPress' Flickr Post Bar Got that working
  • Comment subscriptions by email - anonymous users should be able to subscribe to any node and get emails when any new contents are posted.

Update: I've added a live module colophon , automatically listing whatever modules are currently installed (and active) on this copy of Drupal. It's not a fully featured as the WordPress Colophon plugin, because I couldn't figure out how to derive links for each module's website.


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Last updated: September 24, 2023