Flock pre-Cardinal Update

I’m playing with a pre-Cardinal (the next Big Release) build of Flock, and man is it nice! They’ve replaced the blog editor, and it’s the best blog editor I’ve used. Very nice. The blog manager topbar appears to have disappeared, but I assume it’s just being tweaked and will return before the Big Release.

My only gripe is that category selection still sucks – no way to easily find one of my 331 categories in a list sorted by primary key of the category database record. Some sorting/searching/filtering/text-auto-complete interface would be waaay more effective. Oh, and the selected category didn’t get applied anyway. I’ll go in through the WordPress web UI to fix it…

The Flickr interface is great, too. Uploading stuff, browsing people and tags. I’m really looking forward to using the native del.icio.us bookmark manager as well – the web-based one used by the Firefox extension is so slow it’s actually painful to use. Cocoalicious works great, but needs to be installed and running in order to be faster than the FF extension…

Update: Wow. This build of Flock has a cool add-on, where it recognizes any image hosted by Flickr, and adds a contextual link to let you easily browse that person’s photostream. Something you could do otherwise, but it takes 2 clicks, and goes through Flickr’s site. The Flock feature uses their cool photostream UI instead. Very cool.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re liking Flock. Anything we can do to make Flock better? Just let us know.


    Will Pate
    Community Ambassador, Flock

  2. John, it’s pretty cool, but it’s still a pre-release build, so there will be problems. I’ve only seen minor ones so far (the most “major” one was new shared bookmarks sometimes failing to be added to del.icio.us – not an issue for your photo workflow)

  3. Wow Wow! As a classroom teacher, I have been showing my students how to use Flickr to upload images and create Movie Posters for videos we have made this school year using iMovie. We have been used this as a digital storytelling strategy. Flock streamlines this digital storytelling process and has the potential of taking this multi step process to a new much simpler level. I can not get ready to go to work fast enough! I will be installing this new Flock on my iBooks today.

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