Higher Ed Blog Conference

Higher Ed Blog Con 2006I just about spaced and missed this online conference on "blogging" in higher education: HigherEdBlogCon 2006 (thanks for the reminder, Brian!)

The first round of online events (April 3-7 - right now!) is on the teaching implications of blogging. Topics like case studies, integration with LMS, blogs as personal learning environments, information literacy, etc...

The next round of events (April 10-14) is on library & info resources, followed by admissions/alumni/marketing (April 17-21) and websites & web development (April 24-28).

I'll try to keep track of the events as the occur, but am assuming/hoping they'll all be available in archive form for use/reuse after the conference.

Oh, and it's free. That ain't not half bad. It's going to be bad to take over Flickr like we did for Northern Voice 2006, but it's a start...

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Last updated: December 04, 2023