Pachyderm Showcase

A Pachyderm PresentationA showcase of selected Pachyderm presentations has been assembled, showing several completely different types of content being presented using the Pachyderm 2.0 authoring software.

Some really good stuff in there – I’m drawn for some reason to the second item on the list…
If you’re looking for some ideas of what can be done in Pachyderm 2.0, this is a good start. If you’re looking to see the various screen types in action, it’s also good for that…

Campus Calgary Digital Library Groundbreaking

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Campus Calgary Digital Library building was held this morning. Judging from the attendance, lots of people are interested in the project, or the free cake. It’s going to be much more effective, having all library-related, and supporting services in one building. The Teaching & Learning Centre (nee Learning Commons) will be moving there when the building opens in 2008, along with various Library services, Information Technology, the Nickel Art Museum, and several other units.

There were no scale models on hand, so I’ve got no idea what the final building will look like, but it sounds like it’s going to be cool, with various teaching rooms available – intersperced with items from the Nickel Art Museum collections.

The Alberta Minister of Advanced Education was on hand, and mentioned 700 million bucks worth of capital projects in the works for the U of C campus. With the CCDL building taking just over $100M, that leaves almost $600M for other goodies, including an “experiential learning centre” – it’s going to be a fun/noisy next couple of years on campus…

CCDL Groundbeaking Ceremony - 5

Intro to Podcasting

I’ll be giving an “Intro to Podcasting” workshop/presentation/session on Wednesday April 19th here at the Learning Commons Teaching & Learning Centre. I’ve only got an hour, and it will be an “intro” session, so I’ll follow Levine’s Law and start with the demo. Then, I’ll stick with the demo, showing different tools used to create, publish, subscribe, and listen to podcasts. I’m hoping to keep the session rather informal, with some audience participation. I’ll be recruiting some “volunteers” from the audience to create a podcast right then and there. Should be fun.

The workshop registration page is available now, but we’ve got no idea how many people are interested. We could either wind up crowded around my desk, or in a big lecture hall, or somewhere in between, depending on the number of people who sign up.

Flickr “Most Liked” Albums

I put together an album of the top 20 “most interesting” photos that I’ve uploaded. Some good ones in there, and some strange photos that have bubbled up as “interesting” to Flickrites. I’ll try to keep this album loosely in sync with the top 20 most interesting photos from my collection.

Flickr Photos You Like

I also put together a (somewhat larger, and unsorted) album of my personal favorites from the images I’ve uploaded to Flickr. Not necessarily the best photos from a technical standpoint, but most interesting to me. I’ll be massaging this album as I feel like.

Flickr Photos I Like