EduGlu Early Whiteboard

I just grabbed a whiteboard for a couple minutes to start fleshing some stuff out for EduGlu. Here’s a quick and dirty whiteboard photo. It’s pretty rough, very incomplete, and barely legible. But, in the spirit of doing the whole shebang Out In The Open, here it is.. If only the SMART Boards we have laying around here were hooked up…

EduGu Whiteboard

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  1. D’Arcy, if this keeps up I will write a song about you. Current title: “EduGlu Groovedaddy (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)” I’ve been up nights working on the riffage, which owes something to sophisticated stylings of Uriah Heap.

    I wish you could have stayed a day or two longer — the way schedules worked out you were unable to meet with my colleague and RSS guru Novak Rogic — I got him to talk about his own thoughts on this front with Alan. My take is that Novak has thought less about workflow and process flow than you, but is also pretty far along in a wireframe for a presentation framework that draws a bit on portal aggregation tools such as Netvibes.

    Maybe we should try to set up some sort of open virtual meeting or conference call? Or do you think we can keep gathering ideas along these channels for a while (doesn’t seem top be any shortage of participation and energy so far)?

  2. I’d be surprised if I could get money to support a hackathon travel budget (though not opposed to trying to see if it’s possible) — D’Arcy, you’ve done distributed hackathons in the past, haven’t you?

    I know that kind of defeats the point, but also hate to have all or nothing choices in front of us.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been a part of a distributed hackathon. Not quite as effective as having everyone in one room, but having one machine dedicated to an open fullscreen iChat video conference helps make it more “natural” – and stuff like SubEthaEdit and VNC help pull everyone into one room. Even with all of that, there is nowhere near the magic of an all-hands session. If y’all are having one at UBC, I can try piping in from here. At this point, I don’t think my role would amount to much more than glorified cheerleading, anyway… 🙂

  4. OK, dude, that was a throwdown! Now it’s going to be the “EduGlu Kum By Ya (burn baby burn)” mix, fish tacos and all!

    So the ‘eduglue’ meme seems to be growing out of control on its own, so I guess there is no stopping it, but I actually find thinking of this as ‘EduMix’ to be more descriptive – the ‘Glu’ services of the world that I have seen (I’m thinking of ‘SuperGlu’ here, not Stephen’s one that I haven’t looked at closely) seem to be all about sticking various feed sources together *in one place* (e.g. a web page), not so much about intelligent re-aggregation and feed creation, which I *think* is what we are talking about. But oh well, I think the meme is out of control, so ‘EduGlu’ it is.

    Avast, me hearties, be prepared to be re-mixed! (or “Glu’d” I guess?)

  5. My first reaction is that we’re all basically describing the same thing, using different vocabularies and perspectives. I tagged David’s post in as “eduglu” because I see it as either part of the solution, or complementary to it. The PLE stuff is also part of the same puzzle. Interested to see how these things can be brought together…

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