Blogroll now OPML-Powered

In the latest round of updates to Blogbridge, they added support for hosting groups of feeds as OPML files. They also just added a service that renders every OPML file as a javascript, ala Feed2JS. So, you can easily embed any group of feeds from your copy of Blogbridge, into any web page, by putting in a simple javascript element. This is a pretty cool set of features. Yet another reason why I love Blogbridge :-)

I've just revamped my Links section to take advantage of these features. Every time I synchronize my subscriptions to the Blogbridge server (which is something like every week) the blogroll gets updated. As opposed to the previous blue-moonly updates.

Added bonus? Each section of my blogroll is available as OPML, for easy peasy importing into whatever RSS reader I'm trying today.

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Last updated: December 04, 2023