In my neverending quest for The One True Blog Management App, I downloaded the latest beta of Qumana. It's pretty cool. Cross platform now (well, MacOSX and Windows). It's got its own ad manager system, which I won't be using, but that's how they'll be trying to pay the bills.

The WYSYWYG editor is pretty decent. Haven't tried to break it yet, though. Let's see how it handles preformatted code:

public void Main() {
    System.out.println("Trying out Qumana");

Hmm... didn't handle that well... They all seem to bork on that.

Oh, and the app is free (but not Open Source). By default, it adds a "Powered by Qumana" link at the bottom of every post, but that's apparently removable.

Categories are nicely sorted in the editor interface, so that's a benefit (still prefer the freeform text entry field in the WP interface via Cat2Tag...)

I'll give it a shot for awhile and see how it fits. If you can read this, it's off to a decent start.

Update: It didn't like Categories, either. And gave XML-RPC errors on posting (although it posted OK). Maybe I'll hold off on using it for awhile...

Update 2: The pre/code block was created by Qumana as invalid XHTML - it was inserting paragraphs in funky places there. I've re-editid this post (in Deepest Sender) to remove the funkiness.