There was a coComment invitation waiting in my inbox this morning. I activated it, and tested it out on a couple of blogs. It actually works! It provides a simple way to track comments I've left all over the place. Very very cool.

I do have a couple questions about the service though. It's provided by a Swiss startup company - so, will they pull a bait-and-switch and start charging? What are they going to do with the data? These conversation threads could be mined for all kinds of good/evil. Can we opt out of sharing some conversations? Can we delete (not just hide, but nuke from orbit) a monitored conversation?

There is a minor bug when dealing with comments on WordPress blogs that aren't using the default theme, however. *cough*myblog*ahem* The tracking bookmarklet parses the My Blog » My Post element of the page to get the title of both the blog and entry. But, with a non-default theme, this parsing may bork, resulting in an item being listed as "Untitled: Untitled" - it still works, but it's hard to tell which Untitled thread is which...

Regardless, this is one of the coolest, most useful "web 2.0" innovations I've seen. Well done, coComment!

Here's my "conversations" page: coComment - Blog comments by dnorman