I'd planned on releasing a full presentation+audio version of the presentation, but it's going to take me weeks to sync up the 105 slides to the 1-hour audio track.

So, in the meantime, here's the audio-only portion of the presentation (27.2MB MP3). Not sure how well it stands on its own, but it might come in handy for someone.

The only editing I've done to the audio was to remove the 6 minute preamble and embarrassing intro (as Mr. Expert Guy - gack - which is why you hear me mention it at the beginning of the audio). Sorry for the audio quality - it was recorded directly to my iPod via Belkin TuneTalk at an incredible 8KHz, and tweaked in Audacity to make it suck less.

I've been told that some schwanky new G5 systems (quad, no less) are in transit to the Learning Commons. When I get mine, I'll give GarageBand '06 a shot at making the "video" version with slides from the presentation. It's just going to take too much time to manually do it in iMovie. I'd give Breeze a shot, but converting the Keynote to .ppt format would so totally destroy the transparencies used on many slides...