Bad Karma Day

I'm pretty sure my hardware is retalliating against the new Conservative regime.

The XServe that drives,, and just went south. Refuses to boot now. It's a cluster node, so we're trying to find a video card to see wtf is going on...

Update: OK. We found a trusty old ATI Rage 128 card, slapped it into the XServe, and booted that sucker up. It was spending a looooooong time on the boot spinning pinwheel screen - assuming it's checking the disk here. It had to chew through ~50GB of data, so that took awhile. Then, it wanted to update firmware, so we did. It's now fully patched, and apparently running OK. It's seeming awfully slow, though. It's not a RAM thing, with 5GB of the good stuff in there. It just took over a minute to connect via SSH. Definitely need to look into that. Perhaps AFTER the big afternoon presentation that relies on the software running on this server...

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Last updated: September 16, 2023