FlightGear flight sim

I just needed to do something different while avoiding eating lunch at my desk. I had downloaded FlightGear this morning, after mentioning it to Gord, Julian and Patrick. Fired it up, and although it's a bit quirky, the price is right. I eventually figured out how to take off. The default plane is a Cessna, and the default field is just south of San Francisco (I didn't know that before I took off, but recognized the landmarks pretty quickly).

One of the cooler things about this flight sim is that it's open source - running on Windows, Linux, or MacOSX. It also downloads scenery as you fly, and is extensible by adding other locations and planes.

I turned off all of the bells and whistles, as my G4 was creaking under the load of rendering this at 1600x1200, but here's a shot of my approach to the Golden Gate:
Golden Gate, from a Cessna

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